Do you feel like you’re aging faster than you should? If so, these might be the cause for it!


Sleep: It Isn’t Called Beauty Sleep Without A Reason

If you’ve passed the ripe old age of twenty and successfully stepped into the chaotic place we call adulthood, then you will be very familiar with sacrificing your sleep for various reasons. During your college days, it would be for parties and late-night cramming sessions. During your interning stage at work, it might be to get a little extra work done, or even to do a little socializing. Later on in life, when kids come into the picture, it’ll be for getting your chores done, and perhaps catch a few episodes of your favorite TV show. But while it may seem normal to do so, it pays to remember that humans are programmed in a way that we need to sleep in order to rest our body and give our brain time to process things. cutting your nighttime sleep only results in your depriving yourself of these things; while also speeding up the process of aging externally.

Hydrate: Depriving Your Body Of It’s Needed Fluids Is Always A Bad Idea

Dehydrating your body can age you in several ways. It robs your skin of its moisture; making it look dull and lifeless. It can also make your skin face problems like acne or rashes. Apart from that, dehydrating your body also affects your body in other ways, like making your bones move less fluidly. This naturally makes you feel older than you are, thus the feeling like you’re aging faster. To avoid this, try to at least start and end your day with a glass of water. Buy wholesale bottled water and make sure to stock them in your car, as well as around your workspace. Don’t forget to keep a bottle of water around while you work out as well!


Stress: Learn To Avoid It Or Roll With It

Being stressed out is something almost normal for adults and children alike nowadays. Thanks to how competitive schools and workplaces are, and how demanding they are as well, stress is almost impossible to avoid. If your work generally stresses you out, consider changing your occupation. If you love your job, despite how stressful it is, adopt a few stress relieving activities and include them in your daily routine. Mediating and yoga are a few personal favorites of ours. If you are a more active person, then even certain sports like swimming can help you relieve your stress. Schedule in a few hours of swimming each week for the best results.

Alcohol: When Every Sip Counts

Consuming alcohol is almost a part of some people’s daily routine. A busy day of work will generally push you to grab a beer when you get home. A celebration means wine. Even our recipes include so much alcohol now more than ever. However, consuming alcohol is a sure way to hasten your aging process, so try to cut down on its consumption as much as you can. You will surely feel a difference before too long.

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