Ever since the world experienced a global pandemic, we begin to appreciate the things we often took for granted. For example, being able to bring our dogs to a groomer. But with numerous lockdowns and quarantines, there is no guarantee when we will be able to have a groomer care for our dogs.

Of course, we would not want our pets to feel uncomfortable and hot with their thick furs that needed trimming so we have to know at least how to care them when we could not bring them to a groomer.

The first thing we need to do is to buy the essential products that we would use to groom our dogs by ourselves starting with:


This is the one essential grooming product for our dogs that we should invest on since this needs to be durable, especially if your dog’s fur grows long and thick. You would be using this constantly for trims, touch ups and if there is a need to shave off all of your dog’s fur when they become injured, for example. Not only should you invest in this product, you also have to do your research properly when you look at best range of electric dog clippers. Because if you buy a clipper that is run of the mill, you might end up injuring your dog or even yourself.

Nothing would beat having your dog professionally groomed but during the times that you could not go to one or your dog’s fur is already heavily matted and causing them discomfort, it is better that you could provide them relief. Just make sure that the clippers you buy are durable and suitable for an amateur groomer like yourself.

Deshedding comb

Another essential grooming product that your dog would appreciate you got for them is a deshedding comb. This comb would help you remove additional shedding hair which is also like a gift for you since you would find yourself vacuuming less and less.

A deshedding comb could also prevent tangles and matting and your dog would surely appreciate you spending time combing through their coat. Make sure that the deshedding comb you purchase would not pull out their hair. Otherwise, you would need to run after your dog trying to avoid the painful comb.

Shampoo and conditioner

No, you could not use what you’re using for your own hair to shampoo and condition your dog’s fur. You have to buy one that is designed and specific for dogs since using one that is not for dogs might cause for their fur or coat to become lack lustre or worse, fall out. Using a specialized shampoo and conditioner especially if they have fleas is also recommended since these products are medicated to provide relief to your dogs from the constant itching because of these pests and parasites.

Grooming for your dogs need not to be expensive especially if you don’t always have the resources to have it done professionally. What’s truly important is that your dog knows how much you love and care for them by making sure they are always clean and comfortable.

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