Even to the most internet-savvy individual, social media can be a rather head spinning environment to keep track of. This is because the trends and tendencies on all of the platforms are constantly changing. It isn’t unusual for a particular topic to be trending one day and then just completely forgotten about the next.

While this may not bother the average user too much, it can be incredibly frustrating if you maintain a business profile on any platform. After all, it can be difficult to construct a social media marketing plan if the conditions are always evolving. Well, if you want to stay ahead of the game, at least for this new year, then you have certainly arrived at the right resource. Here you will find just what to include in your marketing strategy to keep it relevant:

Focus on Video

You will begin to see more and more people switching to video-based posts than ever before. This is a trend that brands are also quickly catching onto. One of the main reasons that video is becoming more commonplace is largely due to technology. These days, anyone with a good smartphone can become a filmmaker. Not to mention, video allows people to simply watch rather than having to read through text.

As a business, this does create quite a bit of opportunity for you. You can now describe services or products in greater detail through the use of video. Behind-the-scenes videos, too, can help to personalise your account and the brand. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that people are expecting a high level of quality when it comes to video. Thus, they will need to look as professional as possible to garner attention.

Gather User-Generated Content

If the idea of spending lots of money and time on videos isn’t entirely appealing, there is good news for you. These days, people are moving away from traditional forms of staged advertising. This is why you will notice that even major corporations are straying away from actors and models and focusing on “real” people instead.

It is also why user-generated content is becoming more popular as well. Here, individual consumers post images or videos of using a particular product and this can be shared by the product manufacturer (with permission, of course). The advantage for you with this is free advertising. So, to make use of this particular trend, encourage people to post images of themselves with your product. You can turn it into a contest, just to get the ball rolling.

Opt for Tailored Marketing

When it comes to targeted marketing, many people have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, quite a few individuals are worried about the invasion of privacy. On the other, most people are glad that they are only seeing relevant ads. Fortunately for your business, many people have become more comfortable with the idea of tailored advertising.

As such, you should definitely engage in it – at least as much as your budget will allow you to do. This is because, at the end of the day, this is a tactic that works. If you want to directly increase lead generation or conversions, this is the way to do it.

Rely on Micro-Influencers

Despite what many imagined, influencers are still going strong on social media. However, companies aren’t relying on major or “macro” influencers as much as they used to. After all, these individuals are incredibly expensive and for the most part, you don’t really get as much payoff as you would expect. Also, many people are immune to the advertising effects of some of the better known influencers.

The alternative to these macro influencers is micro influencers. These are individuals with 10,000 followers or less. While this may seem like you are getting less exposure, such influencers have an interesting upside. Micro influencers tend to have greater engagement. Therefore, it may be easier to convert a micro influencer’s followers into loyal customers.

Be Socially Aware

Whether you like it or not, your business exists in a time of extreme political correctness. What’s more, people are now more engaged in social awareness and activism than ever before. So, by also supporting a few meaningful projects here and there, you too can be a more socially conscious brand which can really help you. Nevertheless, remember that such tactics can backfire. So, if you decide to take this route, make sure to support something that makes sense for your brand’s values and principles.

If you are tired of lagging behind your competitors on social media, you now know just how you can get and stay ahead!

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