There are so many benefits when you work in Australia and you will be able to improve your family’s quality of living. There are many avenues you can pursue to make your dream of working in Australia possible. There are several work visa types that you can apply for depending on your eligibility criteria. But you need to be very clear that you fulfil the requirements.

The first step towards securing an Australian working visa is to make sure that the career you are in is listed under the Skilled Occupation List of the country. These will list the occupations that are in the highest demand in the country at the time. There is a point system for the General Skilled Migration Programme and there are certain parameters that are measured such as proficiency in the English language, work experience as a skilled professional, nature of education, age of the applicant etc. The processing time will depend on the type of visa that you have applied for and the duration of time taken for verifying the details you have provided. Sometimes the office will require additional clarifications. But you should expect the process to take up to a year. There are different costs for the visas as well which also depend on the type of visa you apply for. And this cost may change from time to time.

You need to have a relevant work visa when you are living and working in Australia. This comes under two categories such as skilled migration visa and nominated or sponsored work visa. The skilled migration visa can be applied by skilled foreign workers who have the skills the Australian labour market requires. When it comes to nominated or sponsored work visas, you need to be sponsored by a recognised Australian employer, a state or territory government agency, a state authority or a territory authority. Some examples of the common skilled migration visa categories are Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa, Skilled-Independent visa and Skilled-Nominated visa. When it comes to sponsored or nominated visas, some of the common options are Employer Nomination Scheme visa, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa and Temporary Skill Shortage Visa.

Different visa options will have different requirements. But there are certain standard regulations that you should have. English proficiency should be proven. There is an IELTS score that is required by the country. You should also make sure that your occupation is in the SOL of Australia. And you should have the necessary skills for that occupation along with a lot of experience. There are also health and character criteria that you are required to meet. You should provide a Police Clearance Certificate as well as a Medical certificate. There are several approved assessing authorities where you are required to obtain a skill assessment report. You need to supply an Expression of Interest to apply for Australian skilled migrant visa. You can find this online. If your profile is selected, you will be nominated by the relevant authority to apply for a visa in the country.

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