When you look up from your work and see the office janitor dusting your desk, does it put your uneasiness to rest? If you go into the restroom at your place of employment and smell bleach, does it make you feel as if everything in the world is in order and your toilet is spotless? It seems that this may not truly be the situation at all. The following are some cleaning misconceptions that we set about debunking.

The first common misconception is that bleach can thoroughly clean any surface. In contrast to what most people believe, bleach is not an efficient cleaning agent when used on its own. Even though it is effective on its own for removing stains, bleach still needs some kind of surfactant in order to completely remove the dirt. Please note that it also destroys the coatings of a surface, leaving them more vulnerable to bleach-resistant germs. These bacteria grow when bleach is abused or used as the main cleaning agent. If you have no choice but to use bleach, you should combine it with other antiseptics that are less caustic and potentially hazardous. If you want to hire a professional cleaner who will use professional equipment and techniques look no further than office cleaning Subiaco

Myth 2:  Dusters are efficient tools for removing dust from surfaces. It’s common knowledge that feather dusters kick up a lot of dust. Simply said, they are not very good at retaining dust particles, which makes it more likely that contaminants may spread while you are cleaning. When you move about in this manner, you are likely to transfer germs from one surface to another while also breathing particulates. The use of microfiber towels is an excellent option. Because the majority of them can be reused and cleaned, they are an excellent environmentally responsible option.

Myth 3: The dishwasher at work cleans itself automatically. If they are not maintained properly, dishwashers may build up oil and limescale, as well as hold onto particles of food and the minerals found in hard water. It is recommended that a professional dishwasher cleaning be used once per month to clean them. The chemical makeup of various goods determines whether or not they are effective in cleaning the interior of the dishwasher, however, there are some products that may assist in this endeavor. Either the maker of each dishwasher has to do maintenance on it or a cleaning product that is designed specifically for dishwashers needs to be used.

Myth 4: The more cleaning solution you use, the higher the degree of cleanliness you will create. Many different types of active substances, such as surfactants, surface protectants, or aroma oils, are used in cleaning products, and each of these compounds leaves a residue behind. The collection of residues may be caused by both over-dilution and ordinary wet mop cleaning, both of which often leave surfaces damp after they are finished. Over time, this will cause your surfaces to have a sticky feel and a dirty appearance. In addition, the residue has the potential to serve as a fertile breeding environment for bacteria.

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