If you have been at the same job for a while now and are not sure if you should be quitting your job, then here are few instances for when you need to “pull the plug”.

When It Seems Like Going to Work Is Like Being Part of a Drill Routine

Let’s see. You crawl out of bed in the morning, drag yourself through your morning routine, force your feet to take step after step towards your workplace, and then spend the next several hours dreaming of quitting time. And during those hours, you just work mechanically, hoping to fell the hours that will in turn fill your paycheck. Your work doesn’t challenge you, neither does it feel fulfilling¾you derive no joy out of it. If this seems to explain your work day, then it’s definitely time for you to pull the plug on your job and call it quits.

When Your Boss Is Not Encouraging You to Grow

Working behind a desk can be very boring unless your work itself challenges you. Learning and having an opportunity to grow in your chosen field is what will make you better at your job. If you work at a workplace that has an employer who is supportive of your growth and offers you a chance to do better, then you have hit the jackpot. But if they’re not encouraging you, and are actually hindering your growth, then it may be the right time to pull the plug. If you feel your posting at work too is not challenging you enough, or that you are ready to undertake more but are unable to at your current workplace, then too it may be time to call it quits.

When Your Employers Fail To Protect You

The safety of an employee ultimately lies in the hands of an employer. They are responsible for your safety and well-being. If you happen to be doing a job that puts your life to risk, then the responsibilities of your employers are doubled. However, if you feel that your employers are putting you into unnecessary risk (like asking you to work without the right safety measurements), or that they are failing to protect you (not giving your health benefits etc.), then it may be time to pull the plug on this job. If you have received injuries while working, and your employers are refusing to compensate for your injuries or pay you for your days off, then along with pulling the plug you might also want to contact compensation lawyers Sydney.

When the Thought of Sunday Night Fills You with Dread

One of the biggest indication to tell you that you definitely need to change your job is that the thought of Sunday nights itself fills you with dread. Monday mornings make you feel like a school goer…when school used to feel like a punishment. Like school, you will need to have “friends” at your workplace and have to have “teachers” who you can trust. So apart from living for Friday afternoons, and dreading Monday mornings, if you happen to feel your fellow employees and the employer you work for are not working towards the same goal, or if you feel they don’t have your back, then you definitely need to quit your job.

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